Concept and Design

“Even if you have a designer on staff, outsourcing is a good idea. The designers on staff at a direct marketing service know how to put together an effective direct marketing piece.”
BusinessWeek Online

With DMS, you don’t have to have all the answers before calling. With a full time graphic designer on staff, we will help you develop a concept and translate it into a custom design. Our experience in graphic design and direct marketing, combined with our extensive knowledge of the postal codes and regulations, will help us develop a great tool for your marketing campaign. Our staff will ensure that your product meets postal requirements, even if you choose not to use our design services, allowing you to get the best postage discounts available. We want every person who puts their faith in our expertise to get the most out of their investment.
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List Rental and Data Management

According to the Newspaper Association of America, “A great direct-mail package with wonderful copy and fantastic design might pull double the response of a poorly conceived mailing. But the best list can pull a response 10 times more than the worst list for the identical mailing piece.” The same organization also puts “Not focusing on the list” at the top of their list of “The most common direct-mail mistakes.”

DMS can help you get the list that you need.

As part of our service, we acquire and process lists. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or encourage existing customers to return; whether you’re selling to a specific geographic or demographic, 40% of your campaign results depend on your list and Direct Mail Specialists can help you get the list you need to succeed.
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Full Color Offset & Digital Laser Printing

At DMS, we like to take the stress of a direct mail campaign off of you the customer. In addition to our design and concept services, we also offer full-color offset and digital printing, as well as laser personalization. If we can’t print it “in-house” we will offer to help you find a printer who specializes in that type of work.
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Letter Shop and Mailing Services

This is the difficult work that you want to avoid while you execute your campaign. We’ve invested in the necessary high-speed processing equipment to fold, insert, seal, stamp, tab and print variable data addresses at thousands of mail pieces per hour – saving you time and money.

1. Inkjet addressing
Our high quality ink-jet addressing system applies a sharp professional looking address to your mail piece making them crisp, clear and easy to read. In addition to the address and barcode, we can also ink-jet return addresses, graphics, and text messages on your mail piece.

2. Laser printing and addressing
We can personalize your letters, bringing about a higher response rate and higher probability of success.

3. Postal verification and delivery
Postage is the largest single cost associated with a Direct Mail Campaign (over 1/3 of the total cost), and DMS will help you obtain deep discounts in this area by performing the tasks that the US Postal Service usually handles.

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