List Rental and Data Management

Why? Because your mailing list accounts for about 40% of your success. Even a highly-polished message won’t get response if you send it to the wrong people. Only when you deliver your campaign to the right list will you see success.

But it’s not just about mailing lists. Good customer data can help you create more targeted and valuable campaigns, increase customer satisfaction, identify new customers and new opportunities, reduce your marketing costs, and increase your revenue.

Our unique stance to list monetization is that we spread our focus across multiple markets to grant access to all vertical markets. We are proud to be a leader in managing files for:

  • B2B Publishing Subscription Files
  • Catalogs Subscription Files
  • Consumer Good Buyers
  • Consumer Magazine Subscription Files
  • E-commerce Professionals
  • Financial Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Internet Site Registrations
  • Technology Databases
  • And More!

We can make all this happen by applying advanced hygiene to your data. We can also help you profile your existing customers to learn who they really are and discover their behaviors and preferences. By going one step further, we can also expand on your information by segmenting your data to discover new opportunities and lead you to more potential customers.

But what if you have no list or customer database? No problem. We’ll help you start from scratch, setting up a data collection system, acquiring lists for testing, and managing your data to create a goldmine for business growth and targeted marketing efforts.

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