Letter Shop and Mailing Services

This is the difficult work that you want to avoid while you execute your campaign. We’ve invested in the necessary high-speed processing equipment to fold, insert, seal, stamp, tab and print variable data addresses at thousands of mail pieces per hour – saving you time and money.

1. Inkjet addressing
Our high quality ink-jet addressing system applies a sharp professional looking address to your mail piece making them crisp, clear and easy to read. In addition to the address and barcode, we can also ink-jet return addresses, graphics, and text messages on your mail piece.

2. Laser printing and addressing
We can personalize your letters, bringing about a higher response rate and higher probability of success.

3. Postal verification and delivery
Postage is the largest single cost associated with a Direct Mail Campaign (over 1/3 of the total cost), and DMS will help you obtain deep discounts in this area by performing the tasks that the US Postal Service usually handles.

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