3 direct mail mistakes to avoid

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Having direct mail as part of a marketing arsenal will pay off for many businesses. The relatively low cost, ability to effectively target individual consumers and tie a mailing campaign into other outreach efforts such as social media all play into the usefulness of a mailing campaign.

Companies using direct mail do have to make sure they follow some best practices, however, or they could lose out on the high return on investment direct marketing offers. Here are three common direct mail mistakes that marketers should avoid to make their efforts as useful as possible:

  1. Bad spelling and grammar: This seemingly simple part of direct mail efforts isn’t often ignored, but it can be overlooked at the most crucial points. Understanding Marketing pointed out that people expect more from a professionally produced piece of direct mail than they do from a text message, so clean copy is a necessity and not just a differentiator. Businesses often run into problems when last-minute changes or edits are made to the text used on a mailer because no one will think of the need to edit the modified words. Building in a little time to complete a final edit right before a mailer design is shipped to the printer can help solve this problem.
  2. No clear call to action: While very few mailers go out without some form of encouragement for readers to take the next step, the call to action is sometimes marginalized or placed in a less-than-optimal location, reducing its effectiveness. All Business suggested being as specific as possible in this part of the message. The call to action shouldn’t just suggest the purchase of a product or service, but detail the steps that a potential buyer can take to make the acquisition as easily as possible.
  3. An old or incorrect mailing list: Good copy and a strong call to action won’t accomplish much if an organization doesn’t have a plan for mail list management. Businesses need to not only make sure a mailer is interesting, but do as much as possible to get the promotional materials into the hands of potential customers. Making sure that the list of recipients is organized, correct and up to date can help boost the results of a direct mail campaign significantly.

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