Direct mail tactics to employ in 2013

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Direct marketing tactics are going to be widely utilized as businesses look to connect with consumers on a deeper level in 2013. When planning to capitalize on business leads and nurture potential clients, companies may want to improve their direct mail campaigns as the new year comes around. A fresh start to the year may mean a fresh approach to content.

With the new year also comes changes to mailings lists, meaning businesses should maintain proper list hygiene. If lists aren’t cleaned or updated, marketing budgets can experience wasted funds. In order to focus on quality content and a strong multichannel strategy, marketers need to make sure their list is first and foremost effective.

In addition to employing heavy mail list management tactics to ensure the highest deliverability rate possible, companies can take time to strategize stronger direct mail initiatives with these three things in mind:

1. Personalized
Consumers are interested in products or services that directly benefit their lifestyle. They are more willing to invest in a product if they know exactly how it is going to provide a solution for them, therefore direct mail campaigns should provide content that is personal for each customer on the mailing lists. Print Runner blog points out that the most important mailing campaign interaction a company can have with a consumer is when a person feels a brand has deeply impacted him or her on a personal level.

2. Integrated
Direct mail is an incredibly useful marketing medium because it can be used in conjunction with so many other tactics. Pushing the envelope with promotional content that is relevant and engaging is marketing genius, especially while incorporating web and mobile tactics, according to Eye/Comm marketing solutions company. While direct mail can anchor any quality marketing campaign, it allows for a multidimensional strategy and subsequently compelling experience for consumers.

3. Accurate
Precision may be an obvious tactic for any marketing professional, but it will become increasingly important in 2013 as the economy improves and businesses and families look to move. List cleansing should start at the very beginning of the year and continue at consistent intervals throughout the year. A good cleansing schedule can begin now and become a good practice for future campaigns.

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