What will five-day delivery look like?

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What Five-Day Delivery Means for Mailers

You’ve likely heard that USPS® is planning to move to five-day mail delivery, starting August 5. This announcement caused a big stir in the media, and also on Capitol Hill. More details about this move are starting to come out, so it’s time for mailers to start planning.

What will five-day delivery look like?

Basically, USPS will no longer be delivering and picking up mail from residences and businesses on Saturdays. All mail will continue to be delivered Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, packages including Express and Priority Mail, First-Class packages, Standard Post and Parcel Select (including Parcel Select Lightweight) will be delivered. Market-dominant packages like Media Mail and Bound Printed Matter, as well as most letters and flats, will not be delivered on Saturdays. Also, USPS will not be picking up mail from delivery locations or blue boxes.

On the bright side, retail facilities and bulk mail facilities that are already open on Saturdays will remain open. Mail delivery to PO Boxes will not change. Internal transportation may be modified slightly, but that hasn’t yet been defined.

Will this really happen?

Six-day mail delivery has been written into our legislation for decades now. However, a bill is set to expire at the end of March that USPS believes will remove the six-day requirement. USPS is battling with a $20 billion gap right now. They project that a move to five-day delivery will save them $2 billion, or ten percent of their revenue gap. Congress has complained quite a bit about the brashness and questioned the legality of five-day delivery. Until they can propose and pass legislation, USPS plans to move forward. Given the mostly unchanged makeup of both Congress and the White House, chances for any postal reform are slim at best.

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